Yuki’s karate adventure


The book “Yuki’s karate adventure” is a unique gift that you can give your child. This publication describes the adventures of a little monkey named Yuki, who introduces children to the world of karate, explaining step by step in simple language the basic
techniques used in martial arts.

From the book you will learn: how Sensei differs from Soke, how to tie a belt correctly, why we say Osu and Mokuto and what is Soji.

It also contains many interesting facts and specific tasks to help you understand more difficult techniques. “Yuki on the Go” is the first fully illustrated children’s book about karate. This is the first publication of this type in Poland, based on over 30 years of experience in karate training, where knowledge is combined with practice.

When your child is training karate, he should have
it on his shelf …